Dima Blog Comments Off on How to pay if payments are not working?

If you have only Paypal or our payment method is not working for you, you can buy a voucher/store credit code for ANY AMOUNT on Patreon service.

Become our Patreon here (simple authorization), and decide how much would you like to spend (for voucher code – minimum $30, but you can input another amount).

You will be charged immediately and we will send you a voucher code for full amount of your payment in few hours.

You will also get access to some our Patrons videos!

Just use the voucher during checkout.

You can use this voucher/store credit for multiple purchases.

You can change amount of payment or cancel it anytime, otherwise you will be charged same amount on 1st of next month and receive another voucher (why not to enjoy our sets regularly?)

Did not received your voucher in 3 days? Just let us know via [email protected]