Dear customers!

We have about 13 000 sets on our website, and it is so hard to find something specific or new. Sorry for that, we did not use tags and our file-numeration changed frequently.

But we would like to tell about some not great, but possible useful features.

It’s Sort by Set Codes A-Z in the top left corner of the main page

It will sort all content alphabetically by filenames. In the past we named some first sets only by name of models: for example, or

But later for most of the sets we used such system:

[prefix of location and our team] [number of session][maybe name of model][number of set], for example:,, (team ms, #of set 3333, 1st set of Kristina at that day).

or [short tag of location][number of set],, and so on.

So, when you sort by Set Codes A-Z as above, you can find mostly accurate sequences of sets mostly filmed day-by-day and find your favorits, by changing number of page to navigate.

And search with usage prefixes, or names.

Just use some of prefixes before filenames, that we are used:

ms- or ms-32,











Or just by name, like Juliana or Kristina

We are sure, you’ll find something interesting for you!


We are thinking about some kind of systematization here.