Dima Blog Comments Off on We are online again!

Dear friends, welcome to our new website! We had to change our payment and digital download solution, so it was also necessary to update our website at all.

It was crazy days, but now payments are working! Please, bookmark our new address: http://vip.wetlooker.com

In a few days we will update wetlooker.com to bring all other customers here, but you are lucky – you are our first beta users!

We have to move our large file database (it’s about 15 000 sets), so it will take a lot of time, that’s why there are only 20-30% of our sets available right now. They will appeare as soon as we’ll upload our back-ups. Hope, that nothing will be lost during these updates.

If you did not received your download file, please contact us at dima@wetlooker.com or contact here and we will help you ASAP.

Please, also inform us if you suffer any kinds of problems with payment system or website expirience.

And, we are always open for new fresh ideas and suggestions!

Thank you for your support and patience.

Your Wetlooker.com Team